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The SoulTrain at The Brewery, Kendal

“When I think of the word soul, Kendal is not the first thing that comes to my mind. However yesterday for one evening the Brewery arts center became Kendal’s Twisted Wheel because with the arrival of the band ‘The Soultrain’, Northern Soul came to town.

“Though of course Northern Soul has never really been gone, last year’s release of the movie with the same name has given an immense boost to popularity, specially for a younger generation. And this showed in the audience that came to a sold out brewery, young and old alike were completely losing themselves in the music. Both groups showing equally talented dancers, with deep passion and pride for their music.

“The 8 men strong band was absolutely amazing, not a song to big for them to handle and every single one of them clearly chuffed to bits to be playing for a sold out ecstatic Kendal. To keep the vibe going DJ Steve Andrew played, real vinyl, before, after and at the interlude and he kept the crowds dancing the night away.

“It was late, I was exhausted and had to go home, leaving behind a large group of pensioners and teenagers all dancing to Northern Soul like there was no such thing as age. Next time when I hear the word soul, I’ll think back to that one night in the Brewery. Where Kendal showed Northern Soul is very much alive.”

Abigail de Munnik


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