New line-up wows at Ulverston

“Incredible, brilliant and magnificent. What a fantastic night!!! The dancefloor was packed from the start to the finish, The Soul Train were sheer brilliance and as always the atmosphere was electric.” Thanks to DJ Shamus for organising the recent “Ulverston’s Got Soul” gig and for those kind words about The SoulTrain’s performance.

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Westmorland Gazette previews Ulverston

Article from Westmorland Gazette, 23 February 2015


FOLLOWING a hugely successful gig at Kendal’s Brewery Arts Centre last month, Northern Soul band The Soul Train have announced a Cumbrian comeback gig in Ulverston.

The nine-piece line-up includes Chris Joyce, former drummer with – and original member of – Simply Red, who joined the band two years ago.

Chris lives in Manchester but says the band has a ‘wide catchment area’ with members scattered around Lancashire and West Yorkshire.

On the music itself, Chris explained, “It’s predominantly 60s and 70s soul music with a leaning towards Northern Soul.

“Growing up in Manchester I was very much influenced by Northern Soul, because a lot of the scene started around the Twisted Wheel and then moved out to places like Wigan Casino.

“I went to youth clubs, not really knowing it was Northern Soul but just that it was a genre of music that I loved.

“I tried the dance moves but I wasn’t much good – I kept falling over.”

Northern Soul has experienced a boost in popularity thanks to the hit film of the same name released last year, and Chris has noticed the difference in their audience.

“When we played at the Brewery there were more than 350 people there and people were ecstatic – it was a really amazing response from the audience.

“There were people in their 60s but also a lot more young people in their 20s – the film has introduced this music to a new audience, which is great for us.”

On the enduring appeal of Northern Soul, Chris said, “I think it’s that excitement – a lot of the music has that raw energy to it.

“People who experienced it first time around are still as passionate about it in their 60s as they were in their 20s – watching them dance sometimes you worry they’re going to damage something.”

The Soul Train play at The Coronation Hall, Ulverston, on April 11. Tickets available from DJ Shamus on 07703211057.


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